Mundy playCommunity Plays 

On 12th and 13th July 2019 we celebrated our successful three-year Heritage Project by staging an ambitious Community Play, which consisted of five playlets telling different stories of St Helen's: - the hilarious tale of Robert Mundi and his two wives, forever bickering in purgatory; the pilgrim arising from his monument to put a pompous tour guide right about a few things; the trials and tribulations of the humble folk tasked with the impossible job o hoisting a new bell who have some miraculous help; five soldiers from different times in history who are comrades in St Helen's; and bang up to date with a comedy of manners where a fraught parish administrator has to pray 'valium prayers' in order to complete all of the many and various rotas.  
A big thank you must go out to the very many people from St Helen's, from The Venture Theatre, and from the community who contributed to make this an outstanding evening.

St Helen's Admin, 05/08/2019