We love to give. It is part of our culture to give. Institutionally we contribute to the Mission of Church of Engand in the Diocese of Leicester through our parish contribution (also known as the Parish Gift). This is the largest part of our expenditure.

We have long given away at least 10% of our unreserved income. If you give a gift to the church for a purpose, such as the work of Christian's Against Poverty, all that money goes to the work of CAP. If you give a gift to Holy Trinity, in faith and thanksgiving for God's provision, we give away 10%. This money goes to help the poor and God's mission locally and far away.

Our regular members give to the work here. They do this by standing orders, but one off gifts, through an envelope scheme and by making a gift when they come to church. 

If you would like to join us in giving towards the work of God in this place you can do so by contacting our Treasurer, Stephen Adshead using the form below. He can explain the different ways you can give. 

Starting in the Autumn of 2017 you can also Give as you Live.

Alternatively you can use the gift aid forms for giving here as follows:-

Thank you for reading this and considering giving to God's work in this place

In Christ

Tim Phillips

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