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As I look forward to 2019 I am hoping to build on some of the plans that have been laid in 2018.
Up until two years ago, every single day was a new battle for Patience and her family in Alwego, Tanzania. But today, things couldn’t be more different. Here is her amazing story.

Past Articles

Toilets may not be something that most people get excited about, but I was very excited to read the following in the Autumn Tear Times...
Worried about your Christmas Shopping? Come and meet the Calmer Llama and its friend the No Problama Llama!
I previously wrote about the crisis in Yemen about 8 months ago and if I am honest I am not sure how much I have prayed or even thought about the plight of the people of Yemen since.
Until Boxing Day 2004 I think I had no conscious idea of what a Tsunami was. In January 2006 I had the privilege of visiting Sri Lanka.
‘Well really, I don’t believe it!’ was the comment of a passing pedestrian when she saw fair2all’s ‘Christmas Window’ which had been prepared to house our live Fairy and Elf for Ashby’s Fabulous at the beginning of October. Their message being that Ashby
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