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Rock Solid

Rock Solid Youth Group meet every Friday during term time at Ashby Baptist Church between 7-8.30pm.

This discipleship group is for 11-18 year olds who want to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus and for young people already on that journey.

We have some amazing young leaders who set up and organise the fun activities and games every week. Vernon and I are there to support them, with Vernon leading the bible study in an imaginative and engaging way. We have some very interesting discussions around the bible passages.

We’ve had 4 new people join us in as many months. Some of whom have been invited through our lunchtime club at Ivanhoe and one was invited along by a friend.

It’s a real honour and a privilege to work with these young people. I really admire the young leaders' commitment to Rock Solid, and how they deal with the challenges they face on a weekly basis.

Vernon encourages our young leaders (and me) to think about the impact their words and behaviour has on the rest of the group. They have been talking recently about how they’ve grown on a personal level since they started coming to Rock Solid and the positive impact it’s had on all aspects of their lives. It was a real encouragement to hear so many positive comments.

We have a lot of fun together and there are times when I laugh so much my jaws ache! It’s a great time of learning, about Jesus and each other and newcomers are always made to feel very welcome.


From the Young Leaders

Vernon interviewed four young people aged 15-18, on their 1st 6 months of leading, by serving Rock Solid (RS).

Q. For how long have you’ve been connected to RS?

A. 2 - 5 years.

Q. Why did you start attending?

A. It helped me unwind after a stressful week
A. I was invited to come along by AYFC
A. I was invited to by a friend
A. My mum suggested it.

Q. Why are you now serving RS as young leaders?

A. For the social side.
A. I enjoy growing in confidence. Helps us talk to folk who are not friends, who are different. It
helps us to understand them and to learn to socialise with different sorts of people.
A. At primary school I didn’t like to make decisions. Now I have courage to take the lead.
A. It gives me a break from school. Time away from school - work and other stuff.
A. Allows us to be teenagers.
A. I feel I can speak, share my opinions and I don’t feel I can at school so much - although it helps me to do this at school too.

Q. What has it taught you?

A. I can be friends with people who are different from me and who have different opinion..
A. When you listen to other people you learn things about other people and so you want to help them and then they want to help you. This means people are included.
A. New people aren’t always scary.

Q. What has being a RS leader taught you about you?

A. I like being there for other people; listening to them, helping people learn new things and develop. I can help people to come out of their shell - become more confident, less guarded.

Q. What has being a RS leader taught you about God?

A. He doesn’t always work in miracles. He answers small prayers for individuals. He’s involved in everyone’s lives.

Q. What would you say to potential RS members / leaders?

A. You won’t get judged, you’ll learn lots of useful things.
A. You’ll make connections with people and with God. Everyone who has come has become more confident not just at RS but in school as well.

We would love you to join us at our Garden Party where you can meet the team, chat about what Ashby Youth for Christ are doing, and fellowship with other Christians. Please join us for lunch after your Sunday morning service. All welcome, games for children available.

Past Articles

We are so excited to have launched a TLG Early Intervention Project working with years 5 and 6 in local primary schools.
We received an encouraging email from one of the young men who Vernon has been supporting for a number of years.
For our last Sk8er group of 2018, as a team we made the decision to serve them all Christmas dinner, we wanted to bless them on the run up to Christmas and make it a little bit special.
We have recently reviewed the way that we send information out to our supporters and are changing how we are doing this.
On the weekend of 22-25th November we took 3 boys and 2 girls aged between 11-14 away with us to the Pioneer Centre for Youth For Christ’s Fort Rocky weekend
At Ashby Methodist Church, Burton Rd 10am-2pm
One coach, one child, one hour a week.