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Annual Report on 2018 

The Annual Report on 2018 for Holy Trinity Ashby can be downloaded at 

Practical Matters

We are printing a set of just 20 copies for our APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting), as well as copies for those those have requested a printed version. If you would like to review the report during the meeting, please bring a tablet, if you are able.  

In the PDF version the (various) tables of contents work as links to the pages they refer to: you can click on them to jump to the page you want. On any page, you can go back to the main table of contents by clicking on the words 'Annual Report on 2018' in the top right hand corner.

This is a draft report, for acceptance by the meeting. If you spot errors, please do not wait until our APCM to bring them to our attention. Please email using address to let us know.

Tim Phillips, 24/04/2019

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