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Letters from Rev. Mary

     - 27th March 2020
From Revd Mary - 
My dear Friends
I write today with a thankful heart for each of you.  
Thank you for your sense of humour - special award to the Sedgmans for their alternative exercise films - keeping one another smiling at such a time as this.
Thank you for keeping in touch with one another by phone or through living room windows.
Thank you to our musical maestros who are battling with technology to sing together although miles apart.
Thank you to our communications team (Jill, our administrator and Helen and David our website team) who are keeping us up to date.
Thank you to our worship leaders for their spiritual leadership at this time.
Thank you to all of you who, unseen, are praying to our heavenly Father at this time of immense challenge.
Over the door at Staunton Harold church is this inscription in honour of Earl Ferrers who built it.  His 'singular praise', the inscription reads, 'is to have done the best things in the worst times and hoped them in the most calamitous'.
That also applies to you, and I couldn't be more proud of you.
Much love

Helen Starkey, 11/02/2020