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Online Services and Readings 

On 17th March, the Archbishop of Canterbury announced that all public worship would be suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are worshipping together, on-line, and this is our pattern of worship:

Every morning except Wednesday & Sunday
- Prayer for the Day posted on Facebook at around 8.00 am.
Every evening
- Night Prayer streamed live on Facebook at 9.00 pm.
Every Wednesday
- a simple service streamed live on Facebook at 10.00 am
Every Sunday
- a simple service streamed live on Facebook at 10.30 am

A film of every service is uploaded onto the website, and can be viewed by clicking on the date below. Orders of service for these acts of worship, and a hymn sheet for Sunday's service, are available by clicking on the relevant link.

Services and hymn sheets:

30th May - Our Morning Prayer

29th May - Night Prayer

29th May - Our Morning Prayer

28th May - Night Prayer

28th May - Our Morning Prayer. We are the Church ...

27th May - Night Prayer

27th May - Holy Communion

26th May - Night Prayer

26th May - Our Morning Prayer

25th May - Night Prayer

25th May - Our Morning Prayer

24th May - Night Prayer

24th May - Holy Communion

23rd May - Night Prayer

23rd May - Our Morning Prayer

22nd May - Night Prayer

22nd May - Our Morning Prayer

21st May - Ascension Day Evening Service

21st May - Our Morning Prayer. Ascension Day

20th May - Night Prayer

20th May - Holy Communion

19th May - Night Prayer

19th May - Our Morning Prayer

18th May - Our Morning Prayer. About time ...

17th May - Holy Communion

16th May - Night Prayer

16th May - Our Morning Prayer

15th May - Night Prayer

15th May - Our Morning Prayer. Daily Bread ...

14th May - Our Morning Prayer

13th May - Night Prayer

13th May - Holy Communion

12th May - Night Prayer

12th May - Our Morning Prayer. Lead them to streams of living water ...

11th May - Night Prayer

11th May - Our Morning Prayer

10th May - Night Prayer

10th May - A Service of Thanksgiving on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

9th May - Night Prayer

9th May - Our Morning Prayer. The Glad Game ...

8th May - Night Prayer

8th May - Our Morning Prayer. 75th Anniversary of VE Day ...

7th May - Night Prayer

7th May - Our Morning Prayer. Let Your God Love You ...

6th May - Night Prayer

6th May - Holy Communion

5th May - Night Prayer

5th May - Our Morning Prayer

4th May - Night Prayer

4th May - Our Morning Prayer 

3rd May - Night Prayer

3rd May - Holy Communion

2nd May - Night Prayer

2nd May - Our Morning Prayer. The desert, blossoming ...

1st May - Night Prayer

1st May - Our Morning Prayer

30th April - Night Prayer

30th April - Our Morning Prayer 

29th April - Night Prayer

29th April - Morning Communion 

28th April - Night Prayer

28th April - Our Morning Prayer.

27th April - Night Prayer

27th April - Our Morning Prayer. Are we nearly there yet...?

26th April - Night Prayer

26th April - Holy Communion

25th April - Night Prayer

25th April - Our Morning Prayer. This is the day that the Lord has made ...

24th April - Night Prayer

24th April - Our Morning Prayer

23rd April - Night Prayer

23rd April - Our Morning Prayer

22nd April - Night Prayer

22nd April - Holy Communion

21st April - Night Prayer

21st April - Our Morning Prayer

20th April - Night Prayer

20th April - Our Morning Prayer. Reach ...

19th April - Night Prayer

19th April - Holy Communion

19th April - Our Morning Prayer

18th April - Night Prayer

18th April - Our Morning Prayer. Be More Goose...

17th April - Night Prayer

17th April - Our Morning Prayer

16th April - Night Prayer

16th April  - Our Morning Prayer. Greater Love

15th April - Holy Communion Service

15th April - Our Morning Prayer - What can we learn from one of history's disasters?

14th April - Night Prayer

14th April - Our Morning Prayer - Easter Tuesday ...

13th April - Night Prayer - our first from the New Zealand prayer book 

13th April - Our Morning Prayer - Kingdom builders...

Services for Holy Week:

Holy Week at Home Services and Hymns
We have created a little gallery from our previous Easter Celebrations
12th April - Easter Day
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet   
12th April - Our Easter Morning Prayer

11th April - Compline 11th April - Our Morning Prayer - Holy Saturday

10th April - The Seven Last Words - A Service of Reflection for Good Friday

10th April - Our Morning Prayer

9th April - Maundy Thursday 

9th April - Our Morning Prayer

8th April - Compline

8th April - Our Morning Prayer - The Little Things ...

7th April - Compline

7th April - Our Morning Prayer

6th April - Compline
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet
6th April - Our Morning Prayer - In Everlasting Arms ...

5th April - Compline

5th April - Palm Sunday Holy Communion
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet
5th April - Our Morning Prayer - Rejoice Always ... 

Services for Lent:

4th April - Compline 

4th April - Our Morning Prayer - Beyond Our Horizons ...

3rd April - Compline

3rd April - Our Morning Prayer

2nd April - Compline

2nd April - Our Morning Prayer

1st April - Compline

1st April - Holy Communion 1st April - Our Morning Prayer. The foolishness of God ...

31st March - Compline

31st March - Our Morning Prayer

30th March - Compline

30th March - Our Morning Prayer

29th March - Compline

29th March - Our Sunday Morning Service 29th March - Our Morning Prayer. You shall dance again ...

28th March - Compline 

28th March - Our Morning Service. Filled by God...

27th March - Morning Prayer

26th March - Compline

26th March - Morning Prayer. Praise Him...

25th March - Compline

25th March - Holy Communion 25th March - Our Morning Prayer

24th March - Our Morning Prayer

23rd March - Prayer for the Day. Fear no evil...

22nd March - Sunday Evening Compline 22nd March - Our Sunday Morning Service for Mother's Day

22nd March - Something a little different for Mother's Day

22nd March - Mini-Messy Church

22nd March - Our Prayer for the day. Resurrection...

21st March - Our Prayer for the day

20th March - Our Prayer for the day. You are not alone...

19th March - Our Prayer for the day

18th March - Compline. Our Evening Service 18th March - A short prayer to remember during the suspension of our services

18th March - A Morning Prayer

17th March - Our Night Prayer. A 30 minute service. 

17th March - A Morning Prayer 

Helen Starkey, 22/03/2020