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Online Services and Readings 

We are worshipping together, on-line via our Facebook logo for Facebook page, and in our church building - This is our pattern of worship:

Every morning except Wednesday & Sunday
- Prayer for the Day posted on our Facebook page at around 8.00 am.
Every weekday evening except Wednesday
- Night Prayer streamed live on Facebook at 9.00 pm.
Every Wednesday
- a simple service of Holy Communion streamed live on Facebook at 10.00 am
First Sunday of the month
- An All-Age service streamed live on Facebook at 10.30 am
Other Sundays of the month
- a simple service of Holy Communion streamed live on Facebook at 10.30 am
Every Sunday
- live-streaming of the Evening Prayer service taking place in the St Helen's Church          building at 4pm

A film of every service is uploaded onto the website, and can be viewed by clicking on the date below. Orders of service for these acts of worship, and a hymn sheet for Sunday's service, are available by clicking on the relevant link.

Services and hymn sheets:

Weekend Night Prayer/Compline -
On Saturday and Sunday evenings, the invitation is for each of us to pray compline at home, using one of the three orders of service (available on the links below) we have prayed with during lockdown. You might like to say compline at 9pm, mindful of others who are doing the same.
Readings for Compline/Night Prayer on weekends in August:
  • Saturday 8th:     Ezekiel 36.16-36 OR James 5.7-end
  • Sunday 9th:       1 Kings 11.41-12.20 OR Acts 14.8-20
  • Saturday 15th:    Song of Solomon 2.1-7 OR Acts 1.6-14
  • Sunday 16th:      2 Kings 4.1-37 OR Acts 16.1-15
  • Saturday 22nd:   Proverbs 6.1-19 OR Mark 4.35-end
  • Sunday 23rd:      2 Kings 6.8-23 OR Acts 17.15-end
  • Saturday 29th:   Proverbs 12.10-end OR Mark 6.30-44
  • Sunday 30th:     2 Kings 6.24-25; 7.3-end OR Acts 18.1-16
You might find it helpful to light a candle to create a ‘sacred space’ in your living room or at your kitchen table. Music helps some people to focus, to breathe deeply, to form a point of transition from what has been preoccupying them to a time when they are more conscious of God’s presence.

Catch up on any services you missed, or listen again:

5th August - Holy Communion. All are welcome ...

4th August - Evening Prayer

4th August - Prayer for the Day. Forgiveness

3rd August - Evening Prayer

3rd August - Prayer for the Day. Should we be Mary or Martha?

2nd August - Evening Prayer from the St Helen's church building, including the arrival                                              of the Queen of Sheba, and a Mediterranean cruise.
2nd August - All Age Worship, including the feeding of the fifteen(!) thousand

1st August - Prayer for the Day. The privilege of prayer

31st July - Night Prayer

31st July - Prayer for the Day. Feeding the imagination

30th July - Night Prayer

30th July - Prayer for the Day. A Sacrifice of Praise....

29th July - Holy Communion

28th July - Night Prayer 

28th July - Prayer for the Day. Unconscious bias

27th July - Night Prayer

27th July - Prayer for the Day. Glimpses of God

26th July - Evening Prayer from a church building for first time since lockdown began

26th July - Holy Communion

25th July - Our Morning Prayer. The Parable of Zoom ...

24th July - Night Prayer

24th July - Our Morning Prayer. Don't put the tent pegs in too deep ...

23rd July - Night Prayer

23rd July - Our Morning Prayer. Integrity ...

22nd July - Night Prayer

22nd July - Holy Communion

21st July - Night Prayer

21st July - Our Morning Prayer. On a journey - together

20th July - Night Prayer

20th July - Our Morning Prayer. Heaven?

19th July - Holy Communion

18th July - Our Morning Prayer. Anchored to hope ...

17th July - Night Prayer

17th July - Our Morning Prayer

16th July - Night Prayer

16th July - Our Morning Prayer

15th July - Night Prayer

15th July - Holy Communion

14th July - Night Prayer

14th July - Our Morning Prayer

13th July - Night Prayer

13th July - Our Morning Prayer

12th July - Sunday Morning Service

11th July - Our Morning Prayer. Light ...

10th July - Night Prayer

10th July - Our Morning Prayer. Creativity and Community ...

9th July - Night Prayer

9th July - Our Morning Prayer

8th July - Night Prayer

8th July - Holy Communion

7th July - Night Prayer

7th July - Our Morning Prayer

6th July - Night Prayer

6th July - Our Morning Prayer. Powerlessness #1

5th July - Sunday Worship

4th July - Our Morning Prayer. Super Saturday

3rd July - Our Morning Prayer

2nd July - Night Prayer

2nd July - Our Morning Prayer

1st July - Night Prayer

1st July - Holy Communion

30th June - Night Prayer

30th June - Our Morning Prayer

29th June - Night Prayer

29th June - Our Morning Prayer

28th June - Sunday Worship

27th June - Our Morning Prayer

26th June - Night Prayer

26th June - Our Morning Prayer

25th June - Night Prayer

25th June - Our Morning Prayer. Stability in shifting times ...

24th June - Night Prayer

24th June - Holy Communion

23rd June - Night Prayer

23rd June - Our Morning Prayer

22nd June - Night Prayer

22nd June - Our Morning Prayer

21st June - Night Prayer

21st June - Holy Communion

20th June - Night Prayer

20th June - Our Morning Prayer

19th June - Night Prayer

19th June - Our Morning Prayer

18th June - Night Prayer

18th June - Our Morning Prayer

17th June - Night Prayer

17th June - Holy Communion

16th June - Night Prayer

16th June - Our Morning Prayer

15th June - Night Prayer

15th June - Our Morning Prayer

14th June - Night Prayer

14th June - Holy Communion

13th June - Night Prayer

13th June - Our Morning Prayer. The Lord is my Light and my Salvation ...

12th June - Night Prayer

12th June - Our Morning Prayer

11th June - Night Prayer

11th June - Our Morning Prayer. Together, Great Things ...

10th June - Night Prayer

10th June - Holy Communion

9th June - Night Prayer

9th June - Our Morning Prayer

8th June - Our Morning Prayer

7th June - Night Prayer

7th June - All Age Worship

6th June - Our Morning Prayer. Looking at the heart ...

5th June - Night Prayer

5th June - Our Morning Prayer

4th June - Night Prayer

4th June - Our Morning Prayer. The Flag of Joy ...

3rd June - Holy Communion

2nd June - Night Prayer

2nd June - Our Morning Prayer. Get a Grip!

1st June - Night Prayer

1st June - Our Morning Prayer. The Gate of Glory ...

31st May - Night Prayer

31st May - Flagstaff Family Communion

30th May - Our Morning Prayer

29th May - Night Prayer

29th May - Our Morning Prayer

28th May - Night Prayer

28th May - Our Morning Prayer. We are the Church ...

27th May - Night Prayer

27th May - Holy Communion

26th May - Night Prayer

26th May - Our Morning Prayer

25th May - Night Prayer

25th May - Our Morning Prayer

24th May - Night Prayer

24th May - Holy Communion

23rd May - Night Prayer

23rd May - Our Morning Prayer

22nd May - Night Prayer

22nd May - Our Morning Prayer

21st May - Ascension Day Evening Service

21st May - Our Morning Prayer. Ascension Day

20th May - Night Prayer

20th May - Holy Communion

19th May - Night Prayer

19th May - Our Morning Prayer

18th May - Our Morning Prayer. About time ...

17th May - Holy Communion

16th May - Night Prayer

16th May - Our Morning Prayer

15th May - Night Prayer

15th May - Our Morning Prayer. Daily Bread ...

14th May - Our Morning Prayer

13th May - Night Prayer

13th May - Holy Communion

12th May - Night Prayer

12th May - Our Morning Prayer. Lead them to streams of living water ...

11th May - Night Prayer

11th May - Our Morning Prayer

10th May - Night Prayer

10th May - A Service of Thanksgiving on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

9th May - Night Prayer

9th May - Our Morning Prayer. The Glad Game ...

8th May - Night Prayer

8th May - Our Morning Prayer. 75th Anniversary of VE Day ...

7th May - Night Prayer

7th May - Our Morning Prayer. Let Your God Love You ...

6th May - Night Prayer

6th May - Holy Communion

5th May - Night Prayer

5th May - Our Morning Prayer

4th May - Night Prayer

4th May - Our Morning Prayer 

3rd May - Night Prayer

3rd May - Holy Communion

2nd May - Night Prayer

2nd May - Our Morning Prayer. The desert, blossoming ...

1st May - Night Prayer

1st May - Our Morning Prayer

30th April - Night Prayer

30th April - Our Morning Prayer 

29th April - Night Prayer

29th April - Morning Communion 

28th April - Night Prayer

28th April - Our Morning Prayer.

27th April - Night Prayer

27th April - Our Morning Prayer. Are we nearly there yet...?

26th April - Night Prayer

26th April - Holy Communion

25th April - Night Prayer

25th April - Our Morning Prayer. This is the day that the Lord has made ...

24th April - Night Prayer

24th April - Our Morning Prayer

23rd April - Night Prayer

23rd April - Our Morning Prayer

22nd April - Night Prayer

22nd April - Holy Communion

21st April - Night Prayer

21st April - Our Morning Prayer

20th April - Night Prayer

20th April - Our Morning Prayer. Reach ...

19th April - Night Prayer

19th April - Holy Communion

19th April - Our Morning Prayer

18th April - Night Prayer

18th April - Our Morning Prayer. Be More Goose...

17th April - Night Prayer

17th April - Our Morning Prayer

16th April - Night Prayer

16th April  - Our Morning Prayer. Greater Love

15th April - Holy Communion Service

15th April - Our Morning Prayer - What can we learn from one of history's disasters?

14th April - Night Prayer

14th April - Our Morning Prayer - Easter Tuesday ...

13th April - Night Prayer - our first from the New Zealand prayer book 

13th April - Our Morning Prayer - Kingdom builders...

Services for Holy Week:

Holy Week at Home Services and Hymns
We have created a little gallery from our previous Easter Celebrations
12th April - Easter Day
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet   
12th April - Our Easter Morning Prayer

11th April - Compline 11th April - Our Morning Prayer - Holy Saturday

10th April - The Seven Last Words - A Service of Reflection for Good Friday

10th April - Our Morning Prayer

9th April - Maundy Thursday 

9th April - Our Morning Prayer

8th April - Compline

8th April - Our Morning Prayer - The Little Things ...

7th April - Compline

7th April - Our Morning Prayer

6th April - Compline
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet
6th April - Our Morning Prayer - In Everlasting Arms ...

5th April - Compline

5th April - Palm Sunday Holy Communion
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet
5th April - Our Morning Prayer - Rejoice Always ... 

Services for Lent:

4th April - Compline 

4th April - Our Morning Prayer - Beyond Our Horizons ...

3rd April - Compline

3rd April - Our Morning Prayer

2nd April - Compline

2nd April - Our Morning Prayer

1st April - Compline

1st April - Holy Communion 1st April - Our Morning Prayer. The foolishness of God ...

31st March - Compline

31st March - Our Morning Prayer

30th March - Compline
Helen Starkey, 22/03/2020