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Online Services and Readings 

We worship together on-line via Facebook logo for Facebook on the Flagstaff Family of Churches page

A film of every on-line service is uploaded here on the St Helen's website, and can be viewed by clicking on the date below. Orders of service for these acts of worship, and a hymn sheet for Sunday's service, are available by clicking on the relevant link.

Our services are:
Prayer for the Day
Catch up below with our most recent series of daily morning prayers - 'Desert Island Hymns' which ran from 12th January to 16th February, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am. 

Holy Communion 
-Wednesdays 10am
-Second, third and fourth Sundays of the month 10.30am
Both services are live on the Flagstaff Family of Churches Facebook page, and subsequently are available here for 'catch up' 

-First Sunday of the month 10.30am

Saturday Morning Prayers
A simple time of prayer and Bible reading on Zoom at 9.30am for 45 minutes.
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Contact Jill Chapman for the Zoom link at
Night Prayer/Compline -
All our on-line Compline services are available to watch again below.

Services and hymn sheets:

All the services we have had since the initial lockdown began in March 2020 are available by scrolling down. Orders of service are available below: Orders of service - This Week

Catch up on any services you missed, or listen again:

7th April - Wednesday morning communion

4th April - Easter Sunday - Holy Communion for Easter Sunday

4th April - Easter Sunday - Holy Week stories for children (& a song!) - a happy day

2nd April - Good Friday - 'Witnesses'

2nd April - Good Friday - 'The Last Hour'

2nd April - Good Friday - Holy Week stories for children - a dreadful day

1st April - Maundy Thursday Holy Communion

1st April - Holy Week stories for children - an important meal

31st March - Night Prayer for Holy Week

30th March - Night Prayer for Holy Week

30th March - Holy Week stories for children - a woman and her coins

29th March - Night Prayer (compline) for Holy Week

28th March - Palm Sunday service

28th March - Holy Week stories for children - Palm Sunday

21st March - Fifth Sunday of Lent

14th March - Mothering Sunday

7th March - Holy Communion

7th March - All Age Service Sermon Series week 3:
                                            What is the church?  What is it for?
                                            The Family of Christ - a supportive community

3rd March - Holy Communion with Revd Stewart

28th February - Holy Communion Sermon Series week 2:
                                            What is the church?  What is it for?                                                                                                                                          The Body of Christ - an active community

24th February - Holy Communion with Revd Stewart

21st February - Holy Communion Sermon Series week 1:
                                            What is the church?  What is it for?
                                            The Bride of Christ - a worshiping community

17th February - 7.30pm A reflective Holy Communion service from the Iona Community

17th February - 10 am A traditional Holy Communion service (Common Worship) for Ash Wednesday

16th February - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

14th February - Holy Communion with Revd Stewart

11th February - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - No Longer Slaves

10th February - Holy Communion with Revd Rob

9th February - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - Oh Christ Who Holds the Open                                                         Gate

7th February - Holy Communion with Revd Rob

7th February - All-Age worship with Revd Mary

4th February - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - In Christ Alone

3rd February - Holy Communion (BCP)

2nd February - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - My Song is Love Unknown

31st January - Flagstaff Team Service from Worthington, led by Revd Tim

28th January - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - The Lord's My Shepherd

27th January - Holy Communion

26th January - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - God is Love: and he enfoldeth
                                                                                    all the world in one embrace

24th January - Holy Communion The wedding in Cana

22nd January - a one-off Compline thinking about our friend, Alan, and the other 1400                            deaths from Covid-19 yesterday

21st January - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - 
                    Through all the changing scenes of life, in trouble and in joy

20th January - Midweek Holy Communion with Revd Mary

19th January - Prayer for the Day 'Desert Island Hymn' - Beauty In Brokenness

17th January - Holy Communion

14th January - Prayer for the Day Another 'Desert Island Hymn' - How Great Thou Art

13th January - Holy Communion

12th January - Prayer for the Day Day 1 of our 'Desert Island Hymns' strand -
                                                  Jesus the Name High Over All

10th January - Holy Communion

6th January - Holy Communion

6th January - Prayer for the Day Chalking

5th January - Prayer for the Day Bringing God's kingdom nearer? Or not?

4th January - Prayer for the Day He began so small

3rd January - Holy Communion with Revd Mary - Through it all, God is with us

3rd January - All-Age worship with Revd Rob

2nd January - Prayer for the Day Put your hand in God's hand

1st January - Prayer for the Day Looking to the future

31st December - Prayer for the Day Ring out the old, ring in the new

30th December - Prayer for the Day Sheep and goats

29th December - Prayer for the Day Presents and presence

28th December - Prayer for the Day Massacre of the Innocents

26th December - Prayer for the Day Christ with us forever, not just for Christmas

25th December - All-Age Holy Communion (including firework!)

24th December - Holy Communion 'Midnight Mass'

24th December - Children's Nativity & Carols

24th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 25 - Mary

23rd December - Compline Advent Antiphons - O Emmanuel 

23rd December - Bedtime story

23rd December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 24 - Joseph

22nd December - Compline Advent Antiphons - O King of the Nations

22nd December - Bedtime story

22nd December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 23 - Zechariah

21st December - Compline Advent Antiphons - O Morning Star

21st December - Bedtime story Joseph's Dream

21st December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 22 - Habakkuk

20th December - Compline Advent Antiphons - O Key of David

20th December - Bedtime story

20th December - Service of Christmas Carols and Readings

20th December - Holy Communion for Advent 4

20th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 21 - Jonah

19th December - Compline Advent Antiphons - O Root of Jesse

19th December - Bedtime story

19th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 20 - Daniel

18th December - Compline Advent Antiphons - O Lord

18th December - Bedtime story

18th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 19 - Isaiah

17th December - Compline Advent Antiphons - O Wisdom

17th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 18 - Nehemiah

16th December - Compline 

16th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 17 - Elijah

15th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 16 - Solomon

14th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 15 - David

13th December - Christingle

13th December - Communion What are you going to do about justice?

13th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 14 - Ruth

12th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 13 - Samson

11th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 12 - Gideon

10th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 11 - Joshua

9th December - Compline

9th December - Holy Communion

9th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 10 - Rahab

8th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 9 - Aaron

7th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 8 - Miriam

6th December - All-Age Service The Prophets knew

6th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 7 - Moses

5th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 6 - Joseph

4th December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 5 - Jacob

3rd December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 4 - Abraham & Sarah

2nd December - Compline/Night Prayer Come, Lord Jesus

2nd December - Holy Communion Having compassion

2nd December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day3 - Noah & his family

1st December - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 2 - Adam & Eve 

30th November - Prayer for the Day Jesse Tree Advent Calendar, Day 1 - Creation

29th November - Advent Carol Service The light 

29th November - Holy Communion Waiting

28th November - Prayer for the Day 

27th November - Prayer for the Day Living hope

26th November - Prayer for the Day In the arms of the shepherd

25th November - Holy Communion Making a stand

24th November - Prayer for the Day Who do you think you are?

23rd November - Prayer for the Day Will your anchor (cable) hold?

22nd November - Holy Communion Joining God in caring for the flock

21st November - Prayer for the Day Stretch your hand out

20th November - Prayer for the Day The importance of stories 

19th November - Prayer for the Day  Perseverance ...

18th November - Holy Communion with Revd Rob

16th November - Prayer for the Day Are you obeying the rules?

15th November - Holy Communion Using our gifts

14th November - Prayer for the Day Blurred vision

13th November - Prayer for the Day What's in your mug?

12th November - Prayer for the Day Remembering

11th November - Holy Communion The power of kindness

10th November - Prayer for the Day May you hear Him

9th November - Prayer for the Day Do not be afraid

8th November - Holy Communion

8th November - Remembrance For the Fallen

7th November - Prayer for the Day St Martin

6th November - Prayer for the Day Unanswered prayers

5th November - Prayer for the Day Are you a good passenger?

4th November - Holy Communion with Revd Rob Marsh

3rd November - Prayer for the Day Encouragement

2nd November - Prayer for the Day This too shall pass

1st November - Flagstaff Family of Churches 'A Time to Remember' (All Souls) 

1st November - All Age service Benefiting from the encouragement of 'the saints'

31st October - Prayer for the Day Doing the best things in the worst times

30th October - Prayer for the Day Rainbows in the puddles

29th October - Prayer for the Day

28th October - Holy Communion

27th October - Prayer for the Day Being Thankful

26th October - Prayer for the Day Ted Talk 2

25th October - Holy Communion Part 1
25th October - Holy Communion Part 2
25th October - Holy Communion Part 3

24th October - Prayer for the Day Needing a deeper magic

23rd October - Prayer for the Day Being prepared to wait

22nd October - Prayer for the Day Keeping Going

21st October - Holy Communion

20th October - Prayer for the Day The privilege of owning a Bible

19th October - Prayer for the Day Feeling like an outsider

18th October - Holy Communion Strength for service

17th October - Prayer for the Day Being more Brownlee

16th October - Prayer for the Day Hospitality in difficult times

15th October - Prayer for the Day One step enough ...

14th October - Holy Communion So, did Simeon Stylites get the balance right?

13th October - Prayer for the Day Patience

12th October - Prayer for the Day Ted Talk 1 

11th October - Holy Communion Rejoice in the Lord always

10th October - Prayer for the Day Noticing ...

9th October - Prayer for the Day Imagine no religion

8th October - Prayer for the Day Asking the right question?

7th October - Holy Communion Praying our belief

6th October - Prayer for the Day The Recognition Conundrum

5th October - Prayer for the Day Not being able to praise as we ought

4th October - All-Age Worship Harvest Celebration

3rd October - Prayer for the Day Silence and noise

2nd October - Prayer for the Day 

1st October - Prayer for the Day On dying, and living fully ...

29th September - Night prayer/compline Praising the lamb of God

29th September - Prayer for the Day Prejudices

28th September - Prayer for the Day What's Stewart doing in his attic??

27th September - Holy Communion Any questions?

26th September - Prayer for the Day God in prison

25th September - Prayer for the Day Being uncomfortable for the Kingdom

24th September - Night prayer/Compline God's blessings even in dark times

24th September - Prayer for the Day Where do you live?

23rd September - Holy Communion Being dependent

22nd September - Night prayer/Compline The light shines in the darkness

22nd September - Prayer for the Day Honouring difference...

21st September - Prayer for the Day Being heard 

20th September - Holy Communion Turning to God's world view

19th September - Prayer for the Day Working on the 'garden' of our heart

18th September - Prayer for the Day The difficulties of difference

17th September - Night Prayer/Compline Another kind of courage 

17th September - Prayer for the Day - Kindness

16th September - Holy Communion Being different

15th September - Night Prayer/Compline Jesus' love - even for those who go unnoticed

15th September - Prayer for the Day The glory of God's creation

14th September - Prayer for the Day Playing second fiddle

13th September - Evening Prayer BCP from St Helen's church building - ... and grace will                                                                                                           lead me home

13th September - Holy Communion The jaw-dropping size of the debt

12th September - Prayer for the Day Seeking comfort

11th September - Prayer for the Day Powerlessness revisited

10th September - Night Prayer 

10th September - Prayer for the Day - Living water

9th September - Holy Communion part 1
                       - Holy Communion part 2

8th September - Night Prayer - I once was blind but now I see

8th September - Prayer for the Day Homeward bound 

7th September - Prayer for the Day Are you listening? 

6th September - All-Age Worship

5th September - Prayer for the Day Rhythms of grace...

4th September - Prayer for the Day  Patience

3rd September - Night Prayer My soul finds rest in God

3rd September - Prayer for the Day  Ashby's Street Pastors

2nd September - Holy Communion joined by 'Bluebell' to help us see how things can be                                                         hidden in plain sight 

1st September - Night Prayer Turn back, O man, forswear thy foolish ways

1st September - Prayer for the Day Forgiving yourself

31st August - Night Prayer Who is Jesus??

31st August - Prayer for the Day #Bemoreus - addressing loneliness

30th August - Flagstaff Family of Churches Communion service 

29th August - Prayer for the Day - What do we need to thrive in God's garden?

28th August - Night Prayer - The risk of speaking truth to power

28th August - Prayer for the Day - Taking time

27th August - Night Prayer

27th August - Prayer for the Day - Shoes!

26th August - Holy Communion

25th August - Night Prayer

25th August - Prayer for the Day

24th August - Night Prayer

24th August - Prayer for the Day. The Harry Moment ...

23rd August - Evening Prayer. From St Helen's Church Building.

23rd August - Holy Communion

22nd August - Prayer for the Day

21st August - Night Prayer

21st August - Prayer for the Day

20th August - Night Prayer

20th August - Prayer for the Day. For the forgotten Key Workers ...

19th August - Holy Communion

18th August - Night Prayer

18th August - Prayer for the Day. Being in the armed services and a Christian

17th August - Night Prayer 

17th August - Prayer for the Day. A God is of relationships not algorithms

16th August - Evening Prayer from St Helen's Church building - Giants of faith

16th August - Holy Communion. How our long-held certainties can be challenged

15th August - Prayer for the Day. If you look for God's blessings, they are there.

14th August - Prayer for the Day. A recipe 

13th August - Night Prayer. Resting in your love

13th August - Morning Prayer

12th August - Holy Communion

11th August - Night Prayer

11th August - Prayer for the Day. Friendship ...

10th August - Night Prayer

10th August - Prayer for the Day. We are made to share. Literally.

9th August - Evening Prayer from the St Helen's Church building

9th August - Holy Communion. Stepping out ... and stumbling on 

8th August - Prayer for the Day. Lockdown lesson #3: the beauty of simplicity....

7th August - Night Prayer. "I will go, Lord, if you lead me."

7th August - Prayer for the Day. Being encouragers

6th August - Night Prayer. Transfiguration

6th August - Prayer for the Day. Speaking up 

5th August - Holy Communion. All are welcome ...

4th August - Night Prayer. James, a 'No nonsense' Christian

4th August - Prayer for the Day. Forgiveness

3rd August - Night Prayer

3rd August - Prayer for the Day. Should we be Mary or Martha?

2nd August - Evening Prayer from the St Helen's church building, including the arrival                                              of the Queen of Sheba, and a Mediterranean cruise.

2nd August - All Age Worship, including the feeding of the fifteen(!) thousand

1st August - Prayer for the Day. The privilege of prayer

31st July - Night Prayer

31st July - Prayer for the Day. Feeding the imagination

30th July - Night Prayer

30th July - Prayer for the Day. A Sacrifice of Praise....

29th July - Holy Communion

28th July - Night Prayer 

28th July - Prayer for the Day. Unconscious bias

27th July - Night Prayer God is our rock, a shelter, a refuge, strength, and a shield.

27th July - Prayer for the Day. Glimpses of God

26th July - Evening Prayer from a church building for first time since lockdown began

26th July - Holy Communion

25th July - Our Morning Prayer. Lockdown lesson #2: The Parable of Zoom ...

24th July - Night Prayer

24th July - Our Morning Prayer. Don't put the tent pegs in too deep ...

23rd July - Night Prayer

23rd July - Our Morning Prayer. Integrity ...

22nd July - Night Prayer

22nd July - Holy Communion

21st July - Night Prayer

21st July - Our Morning Prayer. On a journey - together

20th July - Night Prayer

20th July - Our Morning Prayer. Heaven?

19th July - Holy Communion

18th July - Our Morning Prayer. Anchored to hope ...

17th July - Night Prayer

17th July - Our Morning Prayer

16th July - Night Prayer

16th July - Our Morning Prayer

15th July - Night Prayer

15th July - Holy Communion

14th July - Night Prayer

14th July - Our Morning Prayer

13th July - Night Prayer

13th July - Our Morning Prayer

12th July - Sunday Morning Service

11th July - Our Morning Prayer. Light ...

10th July - Night Prayer

10th July - Our Morning Prayer. Creativity and Community ...

9th July - Night Prayer

9th July - Our Morning Prayer

8th July - Night Prayer

8th July - Holy Communion

7th July - Night Prayer

7th July - Our Morning Prayer

6th July - Night Prayer

6th July - Our Morning Prayer. Powerlessness #1

5th July - Sunday Worship

4th July - Our Morning Prayer. Super Saturday

3rd July - Our Morning Prayer

2nd July - Night Prayer

2nd July - Our Morning Prayer

1st July - Night Prayer

1st July - Holy Communion

30th June - Night Prayer

30th June - Our Morning Prayer

29th June - Night Prayer

29th June - Our Morning Prayer

28th June - Sunday Worship

27th June - Our Morning Prayer

26th June - Night Prayer

26th June - Our Morning Prayer

25th June - Night Prayer

25th June - Our Morning Prayer. Stability in shifting times ...

24th June - Night Prayer

24th June - Holy Communion

23rd June - Night Prayer

23rd June - Our Morning Prayer

22nd June - Night Prayer

22nd June - Our Morning Prayer

21st June - Night Prayer

21st June - Holy Communion

20th June - Night Prayer

20th June - Our Morning Prayer

19th June - Night Prayer

19th June - Our Morning Prayer

18th June - Night Prayer

18th June - Our Morning Prayer

17th June - Night Prayer

17th June - Holy Communion

16th June - Night Prayer

16th June - Our Morning Prayer

15th June - Night Prayer

15th June - Our Morning Prayer

14th June - Night Prayer

14th June - Holy Communion

13th June - Night Prayer

13th June - Our Morning Prayer. The Lord is my Light and my Salvation ...

12th June - Night Prayer

12th June - Our Morning Prayer

11th June - Night Prayer

11th June - Our Morning Prayer. Together, Great Things ...

10th June - Night Prayer

10th June - Holy Communion

9th June - Night Prayer

9th June - Our Morning Prayer

8th June - Our Morning Prayer

7th June - Night Prayer

7th June - All Age Worship

6th June - Our Morning Prayer. Looking at the heart ...

5th June - Night Prayer

5th June - Our Morning Prayer

4th June - Night Prayer

4th June - Our Morning Prayer. The Flag of Joy ...

3rd June - Holy Communion

2nd June - Night Prayer

2nd June - Our Morning Prayer. Get a Grip!

1st June - Night Prayer

1st June - Our Morning Prayer. The Gate of Glory ...

31st May - Night Prayer

31st May - Flagstaff Family Communion

30th May - Our Morning Prayer

29th May - Night Prayer

29th May - Our Morning Prayer

28th May - Night Prayer

28th May - Our Morning Prayer. We are the Church ...

27th May - Night Prayer

27th May - Holy Communion

26th May - Night Prayer

26th May - Our Morning Prayer

25th May - Night Prayer

25th May - Our Morning Prayer

24th May - Night Prayer

24th May - Holy Communion

23rd May - Night Prayer

23rd May - Our Morning Prayer

22nd May - Night Prayer

22nd May - Our Morning Prayer

21st May - Ascension Day Evening Service

21st May - Our Morning Prayer. Ascension Day

20th May - Night Prayer

20th May - Holy Communion

19th May - Night Prayer

19th May - Our Morning Prayer

18th May - Our Morning Prayer. About time ...

17th May - Holy Communion

16th May - Night Prayer

16th May - Our Morning Prayer

15th May - Night Prayer

15th May - Our Morning Prayer. Daily Bread ...

14th May - Our Morning Prayer

13th May - Night Prayer

13th May - Holy Communion

12th May - Night Prayer

12th May - Our Morning Prayer. Lead them to streams of living water ...

11th May - Night Prayer

11th May - Our Morning Prayer

10th May - Night Prayer

10th May - A Service of Thanksgiving on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

9th May - Night Prayer

9th May - Our Morning Prayer. The Glad Game ...

8th May - Night Prayer

8th May - Our Morning Prayer. 75th Anniversary of VE Day ...

7th May - Night Prayer

7th May - Our Morning Prayer. Let Your God Love You ...

6th May - Night Prayer

6th May - Holy Communion

5th May - Night Prayer

5th May - Our Morning Prayer

4th May - Night Prayer

4th May - Our Morning Prayer 

3rd May - Night Prayer

3rd May - Holy Communion

2nd May - Night Prayer

2nd May - Our Morning Prayer. The desert, blossoming ...

1st May - Night Prayer

1st May - Our Morning Prayer

30th April - Night Prayer

30th April - Our Morning Prayer 

29th April - Night Prayer

29th April - Morning Communion 

28th April - Night Prayer

28th April - Our Morning Prayer.

27th April - Night Prayer

27th April - Our Morning Prayer. Are we nearly there yet...?

26th April - Night Prayer

26th April - Holy Communion

25th April - Night Prayer

25th April - Our Morning Prayer. This is the day that the Lord has made ...

24th April - Night Prayer

24th April - Our Morning Prayer

23rd April - Night Prayer

23rd April - Our Morning Prayer

22nd April - Night Prayer

22nd April - Holy Communion

21st April - Night Prayer

21st April - Our Morning Prayer

20th April - Night Prayer

20th April - Our Morning Prayer. Reach ...

19th April - Night Prayer

19th April - Holy Communion

19th April - Our Morning Prayer

18th April - Night Prayer

18th April - Our Morning Prayer. Be More Goose...

17th April - Night Prayer

17th April - Our Morning Prayer

16th April - Night Prayer

16th April  - Our Morning Prayer. Greater Love

15th April - Holy Communion Service

15th April - Our Morning Prayer - What can we learn from one of history's disasters?

14th April - Night Prayer

14th April - Our Morning Prayer - Easter Tuesday ...

13th April - Night Prayer - our first from the New Zealand prayer book 

13th April - Our Morning Prayer - Kingdom builders...

Services for Holy Week:

Holy Week at Home Services and Hymns
We have created a little gallery from our previous Easter Celebrations
12th April - Easter Day
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet   
12th April - Our Easter Morning Prayer

11th April - Compline 11th April - Our Morning Prayer - Holy Saturday

10th April - The Seven Last Words - A Service of Reflection for Good Friday

10th April - Our Morning Prayer

9th April - Maundy Thursday 

9th April - Our Morning Prayer

8th April - Compline

8th April - Our Morning Prayer - The Little Things ...

7th April - Compline

7th April - Our Morning Prayer

6th April - Compline
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet
6th April - Our Morning Prayer - In Everlasting Arms ...

5th April - Compline

5th April - Palm Sunday Holy Communion
  • Order of Service can be found in Holy Week at Home booklet
5th April - Our Morning Prayer - Rejoice Always ... 

Services for Lent:

4th April - Compline 

4th April - Our Morning Prayer - Beyond Our Horizons ...

3rd April - Compline

3rd April - Our Morning Prayer

2nd April - Compline

2nd April - Our Morning Prayer

1st April - Compline

1st April - Holy Communion 1st April - Our Morning Prayer. The foolishness of God ...

31st March - Compline

31st March - Our Morning Prayer

30th March - Compline
Helen Starkey, 22/03/2020