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Heritage on your doorstep

Many communities in North West Leicestershire and parts of South Derbyshire are taking part in "Heritage on Your Doorstep" this year. Take a sneak peek at heritage boards produced by these communities, which will be up around the district between 5th - 20th September, on the Hello Heritage page of North West Leicestershire District Council's website

Our own board, which features Royal links at St Helen's Church, will be up on the churchyard gates from 5th to 20th September. If you would like to study it in detail online, here's a link: /Publisher/File.aspx?ID=263010

The District Council has also produced a series of short films about Heritage sites in the area, including St Helen's Church. These can be accessed here:

Our own film, about the unusual alignment of our church and our ancient sundial, can be directly accessed here:

Hidden Nature at St Helen's

Click here to download our Hidden Nature Trail 

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Julie Starkey, 02/09/2020