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The joy of giving, both a responsibility and a privilege. To be able to give with love and compassion, God knows and sees into our hearts when we give.

There are several ways to help at St. Helen's - the gift of your talents used practically as well as financial gifts. Regular sums can be given using a standing order or using the Parish Giving Scheme direct debit method. If you opt for the Parish Giving Scheme then if you are a tax payer we receive each month the appropriate Tax refund which amounts to 25% added to your gift. However if you prefer to pay by standing order then I can manually make the claim for the tax refund.

Confidentiality is strict and apart from our independent examiner and the Parish Giving Scheme organisers and myself no one else is aware of your actual financial gifts. You can even be anonymous if you use the P.G.S. facility.

Please know that I am available to explain anything financial or in practical ways that we can respond to Gods love for us and enable us to reach out to others from  St. Helen's.

We encourage regular members of the church to contribute to the vision of the church and the activities associated with it.

For more information, please get in touch: 

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