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What's on at St Helen's Heritage?  

In the light of government advice, all Heritage activities are suspended at present. 

Online Craft Activities

In the meantime, we have devised some activities for you to be getting on with in the safety of your home.

War Memorials

There is a First World War Memorial in the centre of our Garden of Remembrance, near the church door, but did you know that there are several war memorials inside the church as well? Here's some information about them. If you can't see them clearly on this page, click on the link to bring them up in a separate window.




The Carvings of St Helen's

We've been researching some of the beautiful carvings in St Helen's Church. Did you know that we have carvings by one of the most famous wood carvers of his era - Grinling Gibbons? He also carved in stone and our example of his work is the carving around a memorial to Theophilus Hastings, the 7th Earl of Huntingdon, in our Hastings Chapel. Here's a photograph of the memorial. Click on the link above to see more examples of his work.

St Helen's High Monuments-1-17

Heraldic Shields

Have you seen our wonderful heraldic shields surrounding the West Door of St Helen’s? Our favourites are the Maunch and the Toads but if you had a coat of arms what would it be? Try making your own using our easy craft sheet as a guide. We've put the instructions on this page, or you can download them here.
We'd love to see your creations so please share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Heraldic shields frontHeraldic shields

Mouse Trail

In the summer time, our resident mice like to get out and about on tour in the churchyard. Click on the link to see what Kevin Mouse has to say, then try our mouse trail around the churchyard. There's a sheet of clues in case you get stuck!

Mousehunt Trail vers21

Rock Painting

Here's a craft that you can do indoors or out. Why not try some rock painting and spread a little hope, love and cheer around our lovely town? See if you can spot the painted stones hidden around the churchyard and send us pictures of your paintings. Rock on and stay safe!

Click on the image below for ideas on how to decorate your stones.

IMG 4447

Stained Glass Windows

How about designing your own Stained Glass Window like those in our beautiful church? Click here for a template.

Window Craft-May20
If you're looking for more window inspiration, check out our tour of the windows of St Helen's on YouTube by following this link. The videos were created for us by Rali Studios. What did Marmaduke & Marjory Mouse  get up to whilst the Church was closed?


Let's get gardening! Why not plant some seedlings at home using our simple 'how to' guide?



Helen Starkey, 20/02/2020